• Bert Seale, Master Golf Instructor

  • Posted on September 26, 2017
  • Bert SealeIn addition to owning his own golf school, Bert Seale is known to the golfing world as one of the best and most creative golf coaches anywhere. He has thus far taught a great many golfers in the amateur ranks, as well as the European PGA and PGA Tour how to be the best golfers in the world. One reason he gets tagged with the designation of “creative” is probably due to what he refers to as his “closed eye technique,” which he considers the best-kept secret in golf, even though he has been teaching this method for more than 18 years so far. Because of this technique, he is often recognized for his ability to change behavioral outcomes by mentally changing the golfer’s visual perception.

    If you want to know why Bert Seale is now considered a top golfing instructor, consider his background. Besides his 30-plus years of golf teaching and coaching experience, he also has at least that many years playing the game, including many years on the PGA Tour, which makes him an elite golfer. However, it gets better.

    Many consider Bert Seale’s golf instruction success story to have begun when he began to teach Matt Kuchar the “closed-eye technique” at a very young age. By using this technique, Kuchar ended up winning the US Amateur Tournament in1997. Since then, his protégé has won eleven PGA tournaments and currently finds himself ranked in the World Golf Top 10. Bert Seale’s acumen when it comes to golf instruction is hard to deny. He has turned many golfers into excellent players, who get much lower scores and have a lot more fun because they know what to do.

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